The quarry region of Medio Vinalopó faces on a daily basis the remains of transforming rough stone into marmor panels for the construction branch. In the ornamental stone industry, half a million tonnes of mud are produced every year. This waste, while stored in landfills, infects the rural landscape with uncontrolled leaks and it pollutes the lungs of local workers with silica dust. There is an established culture about the uselessness of muds that prevent thinking in alternative possibilities.

Mud Resort crosses mud in a material and conceptual way. It understands it as forensic evidence of the hidden violent processes against territory. It converts two tonnes of mud from the marmor factory Singla into a temporary fontain that hosts a proto-resort event in the context of climatic collapse. Chemic tests are conducted with the mud until its toxicity is neutralized and assistants are called to this viscose spa experience.

The project disturbs the material cycle of waste expanding the possibilities of use for the mud. It opens a new path for developing wellness and caring systems from this waste. It constructs a propositive tale that speculates over the future of an environmental and social challenge that seriously threatens the Medio Vinalopó region in Alicante.